icon On the portal is available invoicing services or goods. You can manually enter the content or on the basis of a catalog of goods and issue documents in Polish, English and German, WDT, WNT, and corrections. An important convenience is to work with recurring invoicing module.

Convenient office running

iconIt is possible to print addresses on envelopes, C6, DL, and B5. Additionally, you can put your company name on it (the sender) and additional information to be printed on the envelope.

Payment control

icon The program adopted by the settlement system of payments of amounts made to report cash or bank. Each invoice issued and entered into the system is "unpaid" - it was the introduction of payment for her causes reduced state unpaid.


Invoicing according to the pattern

icon Invoicing according to the pattern, you can create recurring templates.

If you issue invoices to the same customers as specified time may be helpful tool that allows to design and plan the date of issue, amount and content of the issued invoices for customers. When designing the periodic invoices shall be determined:

  • contractor for what is to be invoiced,
  • service (merchandise), which is to be billed,
  • number and selling price.

When issuing the invoice data to prescribe a list, and in Recurring invoices shall be noted the fact, realize''- VAT invoice, indicated by a color change.

Accounting for advances

icon The program it is possible to detailed documentation and settlement of advance payments, both from the recipient - and the supplier. Issue of invoice financing because of its specificity is carried out in several stages:

  1. Adoption cash on hand or bank - introduction to the report of the advance cash or bank.
  2. Exposure advance invoice .
  3. Issuance of a sales document - invoice .
  4. Checking and settlement invoice and invoice financing.

Exports, currency

icon Allows invoice documenting the sale, in most cases, even when the special provisions, particularly those related to trading in foreign and internal documents.

  • Invoice,
  • Export invoice,
  • Credit note,
  • Periodic invoice.

Moreover, it is possible to issue corrections to the documents.

Easy to adaptation


Content of invoices

May be supplemented by hand or on the basis Catalogue of goods and services. Multi-page documents are released and define the number of copies printed documents.

Zapis w pdf i html

Listed documents can be saved in html, pdf and sent to other customers, eg by e-mail.

Automatic numbering

The program is automatic numbering of documents, with the possibility of adaptation number format.

Convenient office running


icon The catalog price of goods are recorded purchases and sales of goods and services - based on their price list can be created - both in zloty (6 price levels) and foreign exchange.

Pictures of goods

icon You can add pictures of the goods, in order to facilitate the identification and presentation to customers.

Addressing envelopes


It is possible to print addresses on envelopes, C6, DL, and B5. Additionally, you can put your company name on it (the sender) and additional information to be printed on the envelope.

Printout of address name tags


When printing to the client group it is possible to generate mailing labels and print them or send to the worksheet.

Control of payments

Deposits, payments and unpaid


Detailed records of receipts and payments, and print reports cash in the case of commercial companies is a necessity. The program adopted by the payments clearing system amounts entered into the report, cash or bank. Each issued and entered into the invoice is "unpaid" - It was the introduction of payment for her causes reduced unpaid status.


  • Cash reports by browser, preview the current state during introduction of documents,
  • recording deposits and withdrawals from a bank - agreeing the balance with the bank it is possible to fully control the completeness of the introduced payouts.



The program includes unpaid statement:

  • according to the date of issue and payment
  • expired inspection,
  • accurate information about the payments made.

Ratios at hand


In addition affixed on the motherboard found the dashboard - that is, a set of basic indicators of company: cash, claims, liabilities, revenues from sales.

Ratios are presented in the form of numbers, representing the state present (in the case of cash and unpaid) and the sum cumulatively since the beginning of the year (for income).

Dashboard can also be made available as an application the cell - working under the system android.

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